I'm Nata

I like making gifs and listening to metal. You will mostly see things related to metal and nature here.

Here is some uninteresting shit about myself.

I suck at university so I'm not on tumblr as often anymore, I still occaisionally make gifs.

I'm a pretty friendly person so don't hesitate to talk to me :)

previously called throughthedarkesthour

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powerkeys asked:

I think you've achieved your goal :D

oh wow thanks so much :)

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My life goal is to be 1/8 as attractive as Teemu Mantysaari

I cant choose what excursion I want to do when I stop in Helsinki on my cruise, any Finns (or people that have been to Helsinki) have suggestions on cool touristy things that can be done in a few hours?

omg one of my roommates is a dirty little fucker and never does his cleaning and never washes dishes and like i just wanna send varg after him


Slayer & Megadeth 



Slayer & Megadeth 


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